The Enneagram in the Healing Tradition

Using the Enneagram to Awaken Spiritual Vitality

Winner in the “inspirational” category in Writer’s Digest Magazine’s prestigious book awards for 2000 and in the “personal growth” category of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association’s 2000 book contest.

Presenting practical applications of an insightful system to the issues of everyday life!

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” . . . a concise and practical guide for personal transformation and spiritual development.” — Miroslav Borysenko, co-author of The Power of the Mind to Heal

“This straightforward, optimistic book has a charming lack of pretension, which makes it remarkable in the Enneagram world and more suitable than most to offer to someone new.” — Michael J. Goldberg, author of The 9 Ways of Working

“Discover Your Soul Potential is a fresh and coherent new presentation of the Enneagram. The authors convincingly relate the nine types to the three evolutionary layers of the human brain, making it very easy to understand why the types function as they do. In also developing the concept of ‘repressed centers,’ they offer a sensible and practical approach to transformation.” — Gerald May, author of Will and Spirit and Addiction and Grace

“The Enneagram is coming to spiritual maturity in this book. Hurley and Donson show an amazing level of insight and experience with the genius of the Enneagram.” — Richard Rohr, O. F. M., co-author of Discovering the Enneagram and Everything Belongs

“Hurley and Donson’s teaching of the Enneagram is a highly effective, inspiring, and positive approach which greatly reduces the time and effort needed to come to an in-depth understanding of the essential elements of each personality type. Beginning with an appreciation of the three centers of intelligence and their interrelationships, Hurley and Donson unfold each Enneagram type in a clear, logical, and easily assimilated manner. If you feel left out or left behind by the rapidly growing volume of Enneagram knowledge and want to come up to speed in a hurry, I highly recommend Discover Your Soul Potential.” — Paul Bonham, past president, International Enneagram Association

“Kathy and Theodorre’s new model of the Enneagram has transformed and enriched the lives of those who have studied with them. This book will allow their wisdom to reach the wider audience it demands.” — Robert Siudzinski, Ph.D., professor, University of North Florida

“In Discover Your Soul Potential, Hurley and Donson answer the many people who say the Enneagram is not positive enough. . . . Their contribution is welcome. Their theories underscore what is so often overlooked: our enneagram type is about an energy, it is not a series of characteristics or behaviors. Hurley and Donson detail just how these energies work.” — Clarence Thomson, author of Parables and the Enneagram and owner and editor of Enneagram Central web site

“A wonderful way to understand our souls’ desire.” — Denie Hiestand, dean, International Academy of Vibrational Medical Science and author of Electrical Nutrition and Journey to Truth

“Readers will refer again and again to this small but mighty volume, which is an uncomplicated but greatly expanded Enneagram guide for attaining a deep understanding of who we are, and who we could be. The possibilities it offers for soul growth are stunning.” — Betsy McGee, senior consultant, The McGee Group, Inc.

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Discover Your Soul Potential presents an innovative model of the Enneagram that:

  • Simplifies and deepens the Enneagram.
  • Makes the Enneagram easier to learn, remember and use.
  • Presents a positive approach to the Enneagram.
  • Uses new and refreshing categories to explain each type.
  • Provides tips of overcoming each type’s limitations that are built into the description of each type.
  • Relates the Enneagram to healing the inner child.
  • Explains why there are only nine types.
  • Illustrates why certain qualities are associated with one type but not others.
  • Unveils how the compulsion or passion for each type arises from the configuration of the three centers for that type.
  • Shows how working with your Enneagram type can set you on a spiritual path in everyday life.
  • Uncovers how working with your type and that of your partner, friends, and co-workers can create understanding, compassion, and clarity in your relationships.
  • Pinpoints where to place effort in your inner work to attain maximum benefit.
  • Reveals how to achieve balance and allow your compulsion to dissolve.
  • Unveils how to attain inner tranquility.


Journey Into Soul, 1

The Awakening Soul, 17

The Potential for Change in the Nine Enneagram Types, 41

One: The Achiever, 48
Two: The Helper, 62
Three: The Succeeder, 76
Four: The Individualist, 90
Five: The Observer, 104
Six: The Guardian, 118
Seven: The Dreamer, 132
Eight: The Confronter, 146
Nine: The Preservationist, 160

Soul Strength: Living in the Present Moment, 175

The Dependent Stance, 178
The Aggressive Stance, 183
The Withdrawing Stance, 187

Soul Expansion: Becoming Spiritually Alive, 193

Soul Healing and Spiritual Vitality, 211

Ideas That Support the Journey Inward, 233


ISBN: 0-9673866-2-4
Published June 2000 by WindWalker Press, 260 pages, quality paperback.
$16.95 (U.S.)

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