The Enneagram in the Healing Tradition

Using the Enneagram to Free the Soul

An Enneagram book that goes beyond typing and reveals your unique path to wholeness and happiness!


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My Best Self is a breakthrough book that takes the Enneagram’s healing power to a new level. In the authors’ highly praised, readable type, this book describes the origin of each Enneagram type by naming its Repressed Center of intelligence. With this knowledge, for the first time, the path from compulsion to freedom becomes dramatically clear. A breathtaking vision of individual and world soul making is revealed.

“Hurley and Donson’s My Best Self offers many subtle insights into the personality types, and their theories point to new directions well worth investigating. They are doing original work.” — Don Richard Riso, author of Personality Types and Enneagram Transformations

“Seldom do authors combine clear thinking with soul work and Spirit as Hurley and Donson do in this book. They have moved the Enneagram to a new level of creativity and practicality at the same time. These insights add feeling, freedom, and flight.” — Richard Rohr, author of Discovering the Enneagram

Published by Harper San Francisco, 289 pages, quality paperback.