The Enneagram in the Healing Tradition

Experience training with amenities a step up in quality.

  • Home cooked meals
  • Lodging in an Extended Stay America motel.
  • A limit of 10 participants
  • A meeting room that is graciously and tastefully decorated. 



The cost for the Denver program is $1600/person, which includes room, tuition, meals, and a manual of mostly unpublished materials, and complete outlines and participants’ handouts, PowerPoint Presentations for teaching Hurley and Donson’s seminar called “Breakthrough Enneagram®.”

No matter what vision you have for the Enneagram
or how you express it,
Allow Kathy and Todd to lead you to the next level. 

For over 30 years Kathy, Theodorre and now Todd have lived the spiritual principles that make the Enneagram a gateway to personal transformation. During these trainings they personally envision with you a path for healing. On this journey you uncover the amazing possibilities of wholeness that await you when you apply the material they teach. 

 Interactive lectures create an atmosphere of group investigation that honors everyone’s experience.

 Video panels of all nine types responding to real life situations reveal deeper insights into the types.

Exercises draw you into the wonderful world of possibility you create as you let go of the compulsive dimensions of your personality.

Graduates report they receive far more than they expected. That’s probably because it’s impossible to explain in advance the tools for transformation that Kathy, Theodorre and now Todd have discovered. They simply have to be experienced.

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Their focus on the principles of personal transformation allow Kathy and Todd to create a safe atmosphere for training participants, in which they can both do their own inner work and learn compassionate insight about all nine types. Many participants say lasting change is the result.

Kathy Hurley and Todd Kemp are dedicated to positive change and to renewing the human spirit in practical ways. Kathy and Todd present solutions to humanity’s needs both through their community leadership experience and in their familiarity with the writings of the great men and women who, today and through the centuries, have contributed to the advancement of humanity. 

The program presented here convey this wisdom
Kathy, Theodorre  and now Todd are especially known for three contributions: 

  • Their unique “heart perspective” to Enneagram training
  • Their innovatively simpler presentation of the types as components of the three centers, thinking, feeling and doing   
  • Showing not only the diagnosis of Enneagram type but also the prescription for overcoming its limitations.

The originators of this approach, they continue to uncover insights into the types that are on the forefront of Enneagram development.

The Enneagram describes in detail how people experience inner confusion and react mechanically to the cares and anxieties of the world. These training programs place the Enneagram in a context which quiets the mind, allowing for positive change. Participants discover how compulsions can slowly dissolve so people can experience true freedom. In these seminars, you:

  • Find healing for the body, mind, and heart so they can operate at their highest levels.
  • Deepen your appreciation of type and how it affects personal growth and relationships.
  • Experience self-observation in an objective, positive, self-accepting way.
  • Learn the practice of Self-remembering, which connects you with your true self.
  • Understand how to be positive by dis-identifying from negative inner states.
  • Master the art of interpreting the events of life through a wisdom that heals and renews.