The Enneagram in the Healing Tradition
“Kathy and Theodorre’s spiritual awareness is most refreshing and sets the tone for the entire group.”
— Frances Hills
Cape Town, South Africa
“Kathy and Theodorre’s work connecting types with centers may be the unifying theory for the Enneagram. From this perspective, the types become clearer, understanding and compassion expand, and hope shines through for everyone who knows that finding one’s type is just the beginning.”
 — Wes McIntyre, M. S. W.
Kennewick, Washington, U. S. A.
” Kathy and Theodorre modeled the principles they taught. My heart and mind were opened. The program prepared me to apply the information to my life.”
— Ruth Eaton
Bloomington, Minnesota, U. S. A.
“As a psychotherapist, I have used many models over  the past 20 years to help people gain insight. The Hurley/Donson approach to the Enneagram continues to do more to effect personal growth than any other system I have encountered.”
— Carl Willoughby, M. A.
Grand Junction, Colorado, U. S. A.
“In my experience of them, Kathy and Theodorre are smooth, gentle, convinced and enlightened manifestors of the Enneagram system — real lights!
— Graziella Smith
Cranbury, New Jersey, U. S. A.
“Kathy and Theodorre are superb teachers and they make themselves so very available to their students.”
— Edie Hannah
Baton Rouge, Louisiana. U. S. A.
“This is what Enneagram teaching should be: not just who you are, but who you are and why and where to go from here. The teaching materials and instruction given in the Level 1 Training Program are specific and most generous.”
— Kenneth Turner, Ph.D.
Ramey, Puerto Rico 
“The Level 1 Training Program is a lively, engaging and deep experience. Not only has it taught me how to lead others in Enneagram personal awareness, but it also allowed me to explore deeper levels of my being.”
— Karen Pierce, M. S. W.
Charlotte, North Carolina, U. S. A.
“I have searched for years for just this teaching!”
— John P. Anderson, Ph.D.
C.F.O. and psychology professor

Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, U. S. A.
“This presentation of the Enneagram is the clearest, cleanest and most definitive of all. Kathy and Theodorre unveil the true usefulness of the Enneagram for experiencing personal transformation and they show powerfully why this wisdom holds the key to world peace.”
— Joan M. Jennings
Jamesburg, New Jersey, U. S. A.
“I was a novice when it comes to the Enneagram when I attended the Level 1 training. However, Kathy and Theodorre have such a down-to-earth and well developed approach to teaching it that I felt at ease and was able to digest material that would have otherwise seemed too complex.”
— Marilyn Ryerson, director
Triage Counseling Center
Indianapolis, Indiana, U. S. A.
“Hurley and Donson’s training program was illuminating, informative and entertaining. Theory combined with experiential learning to create a powerful result — an essential step on one’s spiritual path.”
— Karyn Ruth White
nationally known motivational speaker

Denver, Colorado, U. S. A.
“The Hurley/Donson team is most profound. The way they integrate the movements of the heart with the intricacy of the mind creates a simple path to learning and understanding.”
— Susan Moore
Carmel, Indiana, U. S. A.
“This training is the deepest and most wisdom oriented five days I have ever experienced.”
— Joseph M. Pirone, Ph.D.
Ramsey, New Jersey, U. S. A.
“Many people promise transformation in their advertising. Kathy and Theodorre deliver on every word. At age 75, my life is forever changed, and my wife loves it.”
— Ray Keedy-Lilley, director
The National School for Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
London, England
“The Hurley/Donson Program is for me the culmination of a long career in psychology and spirituality. Everything I’ve previously learned can be brought to and refined by the system that Hurley and Donson are sharing.”
— Katherine Lamb, Ph.D.
Charlotte, North Carolina, U. S. A.
“Hurley and Donson start with a clear, easily-understood approach to the Enneagram. Then they carefully instruct even beginners in a highly workable approach to personal growth and healing of the everyday problems that type causes.”
— Clarence Thomson, author
Parables and the Enneagram
Kansas City, Kansas, U. S. A.
“Kathy and Theodorre will help you to expand your consciousness. Their work shows how you are rooted in the heavens and how to get planted in the earth: To remember who you are and observe who you are not.”
— The Rev. Rick Meyers, D. Min.
Castle Rock, Colorado, U. S. A.
“Kathy and Theodorre’s emphasis on the three centers and original thinking on the underactualized center gave me deeper insights to my own type and path to transformation as well as greater compassion and appreciation of others who share this journey.”
— Rosanne Bane, president
Imagination Ink
Minneapolis, Minnesota, U. S. A.
“Recovery taught me that I am in my own way. Kathy and Theodorre’s approach to the Enneagram taught me how to get out of my own way.”
— Joni Sievert, president,
Connections Unlimited
Denver, Colorado, U. S. A.
“The Hurley/Donson professional training seminar contains real solutions for the lowering of violence in the world.”
— Rev. Jeff Blackman, D. Min.
Kansas City, Kansas, U. S. A.
“I have taken many Enneagram trainings, and Kathy and Theodorre deeply touched my heart. They directed me to a new understanding of what ‘inner work’ means. Their type made it easy for me to open up.”
— Lorna Kurtz
Napa, California, U. S. A.